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Саммари: Seth Godin — «This is Marketing»

Interesting thoughts

  • Marketing is the act of making change happen.
  • Instead of selfishness now marketing relies on empathy and service.
  • Earlier marketing and advertising were equal. But it didn't works anymore. For now you need to become a marketer instead of it — building tension, creating ideas that spread.
  • Marketing is not about a race for add more feature for the less money. It is about making changes for whom we serve by understanding irrational forces that drive each of us.
  • People don't want what you are make. They want what it will do for solving their jobs.
  • Guide for all decisions: who's it for and what's it for.
  • As marketers we have timeless tools: we tell stories, make connections and create experiences.
  • «What change are you trying to make?».
  • Mass means average, you offend no one and satisfy everyone. Instead of it begin with the smallest viable market. Specific means accountable. It works or not, spread or not. We are hiding behind "for everyone" and "anyone". You will never be able to serve needs of everyone, but you can try survive on smallest market you could survive on.
  • People are waiting for you, but just not know it yet. Your freedom is to change your story, by using generally shifts around us with the leverage to redefine better. Because better is what market is waiting for.
  • Simply dance with them. Not try to transform them or admit they are wrong, just dance.
  • We can change someone on an emotional level. Our calling is to a make a difference, to make things better for those who we seek to serve.
  • By marketing you offering a new emotional state, not some sort of widgets. Marketers change people from one emotional state to another. We helping them to become the person they've dreaming to becoming.
  • It is tempting to make boring product, because boring is beyond criticism. Instead of making something boring choose your extremes, early adopters you seek to change and give them an offer. Quote: "Always be seeking, connecting, solving, asserting, believing, seeing, and yes, testing. The other way to read this is: always be wrong. Well, not always. Sometimes you’ll be right. But most of the time, you’ll be wrong. That’s okay.".
  • As marketers we are agents of change.
  • Quote: "Everyone always acts in accordance with their internal narratives.". Some people are open to changes, because their internal narratives make it possible. Another people's behaviour driven by desire to fit in or by perception of status (maybe both). Both these forces keep us to stay were we are, and it takes tension to make changes.
  • Our actions primarily driven by one question — Do people like me doing things like that?
  • People pay a lot of attention to status. When marketers want to make some changes — it is a challenge to status. Not all of people want to shift status, some wants only to maintain it.
  • Semiotics doesn't care who made the symbol.
  • You need to spend your time on customers, that at left side at the adoption curve — only on early adopters. Most people like what they have and don't actively seek for novelty.
  • Pricing — is a marketing tool. Also it is engine for project's growth, because price determines what we stand for and what story have we tell. Price is a signal.
  • The hardest part is not to mechanic of charging different prices for different people, but to tell the story, which will be worth for charging that amount.
  • You should own a permission to communicate. Not rent, only own.
  • You can try to spread the word directly, customer by customer, but it almost impossible. Instead of it you can make product or service that people decide is worth talking about.
  • False promise of the Internet — it can be enough of long-tailed interest. Thats not true, because you can't live on that.
  • Early adopters helps you to make a bridge through chasm and connect masses by networking effect. Chasm — it is a break between early adopters and mass adoption, and sometimes it didn't go well because people doesn't want to have changes. Our opportunity as a marketers is to connect members of the tribe — you, as agent of change can make those connection happen.
  • By marketing we bring value to the world. If something costs more than offered value — it is a stealing. If something costs less than offered value — it is a bargain.

3 common confusions of marketers
  • People confuse wants and needs
  • People aware of wants but terrible at new ways to address those wants
  • Believing that everybody have the same wants

Money business plan divide into 5 sections
  • truth. That section describes world as it is.
  • assertions. Quote: "You’re expecting something to happen because of your arrival. What?". The only reason to launch project is to make change and make something better, so you need to know what you going to do and what impact will have.
  • alternatives
  • people. Who will join your team and what ability he/she have? Which people do you serve by your project?
  • money. How much do you need, which p&l you will have?

  • «Now, instead of asking, “How can I get more people to listen to me, how can I get the word out, how can I find more followers, how can I convert more leads to sales, how can I find more clients, how can I pay my staff . . . ?” you can ask, “What change do I seek to make?”»
  • «Better to apologize for the price once than to have to excuse a hundred small slights again and again»
  • «When you’re the cheapest, you’re not promising change. You’re promising the same, but cheaper»
  • «Marketers don’t make average stuff for average people. Marketers make change. And they do it by normalizing new behaviours»
  • «The hard work of creating the change you seek begins with designing evangelism into the very fabric of what you’re creating. People aren’t going to spread the word because it’s important to you. They’ll only do it because it’s important to them. Because it furthers their goals, because it permits them to tell a story to themselves that they’re proud of»
  • «Make things better. It’s entirely possible that the thing you are marketing satisfies no real demand, there is no good strategy behind it, and that you are being selfish in thinking that just because you built it you should stick with it. Blow it up. Start over. Make something you’re proud of. Market something you’re proud of. ... if you’re having trouble making your contribution, realize your challenge is a story you are marketing to yourself. It is the marketing we do for ourselves, to ourselves, by ourselves, the story we tell ourselves, that can change everything. It’s what’s going to enable you to create value, to be missed if you were gone. I can’t wait to see what you build next».
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