Give the second life to unwanted clothes
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With Klever you can
At the best price
To what you like
Instead of throw out
Klever — is a short videos about clothes
Show your clothes in all their beauty
Swipe Up to find a real jewel
Klever — only the top items
Like clothes which fits you
Explore finds in the wishlist
More likes your items get — more people will see it
The best clothes are shown to users primarily
How Klever works? Up to you!
You wanna buy or sell?
Swap or present?
You need to add at least one item to start the adventure
Klever — is fast
Add pics and description
Look closer
Send the publication through a bot in Telegram
Explain the conditions
Take what you liked
For everything that video can't say about your item.
For which cost you would like to sell, for what to swap?
Find the details by side-swiping
Agree on selling, swapping or even gifting
Improve the environment with Klever
Get Ecoin for each thing freed from captivity
More items get the second life at someone wardrobe, more higher your Eco-rating!
1 Ecoin per sell
1 Ecoin per buy
Get Superpower
If you want to sell faster
Find out who liked you in order to negotiate faster
4.99 $ / 3 days
Pay now
Get higher, so more people can see your item
9.99 $ / 1 day
Pay now
Highlight yourself in the clothes flow
3.99 $ / 1 day
Pay now
Launch soon
Leave a contact — we'll send a mail, when everything be ready
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