Study to Think

Why do we like vintage?

What do we optimize for, when we looking for vintage? Maybe it is nostalgia. Maybe just a fashion. Maybe we subconsciously prefer “old” things and treat them as something special.

And this is not a problem in general. If you like — you can buy whatever you want, compare it with the “new” things, that sometimes really have not so fine quality, as the real old stuff.

Problems start when we are going to play a game. We decide, that anything that is “old” is better. But if we can’t afford a really old item, we decide to buy a cheaper substitute. It is like a right to use something, that looks like an old-vintage-authentic item, without doubts, without problems, without history. The item without history, but pretending that it has some story — a fake.

And this entails fake accessories for the fake item, fake nostalgia for the fake lives. Here is the whole post-modern philosophy about that phenomenon — philosophy, that suggests us to think, that we can’t discover anything new, that life is repeating itself as gigantic Ouroboros.

So, the fake world deserves fake nostalgia with fake stuff on the fake-vintage rug. And I love the possibility to escape from it to the real authenticity, where the material things mean as much, as they deserve, and I add meaning to them, but not they are trying to fill in my life with their fakeness.
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